Sponsored places at Fusion

NEW  from September 2014:  Fusion Sponsorship Scheme
Participating in music and drama and learning to perform as a group, support eachother throughout rehearsals and on stage increases self-esteem and confidence in children. Children learn to articulate, project their voice, speak with expression as well as musical and acting skills.

We are aware that some children, who would potentially gain a lot from joining Fusion, are unable to join due to financial constraints. We are also aware that Fusion has tremendous support from the its audiences, who highly rate the benefits children gain through working together towards a community production. We have therefore decided to form the Fusion Sponsorship Scheme and we will be able to offer free or subsidised places to local children from September.
Fusion fees are currently £60 per term,  but we  offer sponsored places at a discounted rate of £50 per child.  For every £50 we receive towards sponsorship, we will offer a free place to a child who we feel would be suitable.  In collaboration with the headteachers in the local schools that we work in, we actively seek out enthusiastic would-be thespians to offer them a sponsored place in the next exciting production.

If you are interested in offering sponsorship to help a disadvantaged local child, or if you feel your child would be suitable for a sponsored place, please get in touch.