What we offer & prices

Fusion offers children and adults an affirming environment in which to enjoy and explore music, drama and performance.

Fusion is known for its personal and family feel, mixed age groups and caring atmosphere.

It stands to reason you will sing and perform better if you feel supported and encouraged .

Everyone is welcome, we are not a stage school and we don't audition members.
Performances are tailored to the group, nobody is shoe-horned into parts.

Performances are FREE to all - parents are not expected to pay to watch their children perform.
Audience donations on the night currently go towards our own Sponsorhip Fund.

Costumes are kept simple, easy and low cost to source.
There are no 'hidden extras' such as compulsory T-shirts etc., such as you will find with other groups.   However, in the Summer of 2013 we decided to make Fusion branded clothing available for members who want to look the biz. 
We can order you Fusion polos, T-shirt and hoodies.

All of our children's groups offer three terms a year, each term lasts 10 weeks. 
From September 2017, fees are £70 per term and are payable on the second rehearsal of each term. (see Terms and Conditions for more detail)
Discounts are available to families with more than one child attending.
 Each rehearsal lasts one and a half hours including a refreshment break - we even provide biscuits too!
 We offer a FREE trial session before asking you to commit, so fees for first timers are £63. 

 Commitment is one of the skills children will develop through participating in Fusion and being part of a collaborative group. 
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